TIN's priority is to clearly communicate all the details that will outline the business challenge you want to embark into. We take your questions seriously and we will answer them. There are no stupid questions and If they are relevant tp others, we will include them in our FAQ, in order always be as closer as we possibly can to your expectations.

Why do I have to pay €60 incl. VAT?

This amount is intended to pay for your membership in the TIN Inventors' Private Club and to benefit from a passport to all venues TIN's marketing department will create for his community. By paying this fee you give TIN's team the means to carry a in depth study and a SMART analysis of your, idea, concept, invention.

How much more will it cost me beside the €60 incl. VAT?

Together, we will define if we carry on with the coaching services. A tailor made quotation will be set according to the tasks that will be performed by TIN's staff in order to bring the product to its commercialization.

What's an idea?

An idea does not need material representation, it can be strong, promising, original, profitable.
Strong and profitable! This will be the basis on which TIN will be able to provide its expertise, to develop it with its team and to make it marketable and profitable.

What is a concept?

A concept is an abstract representation of an object, it is also an original idea “as a new advertising concept".
Original and New! This is precisely the kind of concept on which TIN will be able to use its expertise to develop a concept with its staff to make it marketable and profitable.

What is an invention?

An invention is a method, a technique, a new device by which it is possible to solve a given practical problem; thus the creation of an industrial product, or not.
These are the factors that will make an new invention marketable and profitable.

When will I earn some money?

Once your invention is commercialized on our e-shop and/or through our distributor partners. a report of quarterly sales will be established and you will receive your due after deducting the commercial hosting percentage, contractually agreed with TIN. This is a percentage on the turnover generated by your product.

What will be my legal rights and commitments to TIN?

If your product has been commercialized through one of our commercial partners, a 5% commission excluding VAT, will only be due to TIN during the first year. During this launching year, the sales management will be carried out by you, under the supervision of our sales team in order to prepare you to be independent.

It will then be up to you to decide whether you wish to continue to market your product on the TIN site, under the same conditions, and/or ask to renew the commercial management under the same conditions as the first year of supervision.
Or to take your total freedom and leave TIN's guardianship.

What if I don’t want to entrust you with all the steps concerning my idea, my concept, my invention?

All you can decide is to use TIN staff only as a service provider and not to have your product hosted on TIN’s E-SHOP.
According to your needs, we will submit a tailor-made quote that will be endorsed by a privately-signed agreement, defining the rights and duties of each of the two parties.